“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou


The Minerva Foundation strategically aligns itself with other non-profit partners to bring impact and change.


The Minerva Foundation strives to build a stronger community one person, one event at a time. We understand having a strong community presents infinite possibilities to its members.


The Minerva Foundation empowers our non-profit partners to successfully carryout their programs focused on issues impacting women, children and under-represented groups.

They Need Your Help

and we need yours:

The Minerva Foundation, prides itself on creating opportunities for our youth. Creating possibilities and making them feel wanted and safe is not only the job of the parents; it’s our job as a whole. So many of our youth have been placed into situations where they feel as if they have no one, which leaves them to fend for themselves. Let’s start making a difference and help the ones who need it the most.

Our Mission

The mission of TMFI is to partner with non-profit organizations as a funding resource for community projects and programs.

Our Vision

To support and empower our nonprofit partners to bring impact and change.

Org Timeline

02/13/2003 - Articles of Incorporation approved
08/21/2003 - Received EIN Number
01/16/2004 - Submitted app to IRS re: Tax exempt status
07/12/2004 - Received 501(c)(3) status
12/2005 - By-laws adopted

Charitable Gifts Received

• Time Warner
• Grassroots Arts Council Grant
• Delta Foundation Grant
• BB&T Bank
• Post Properties Grant
• Ally Bank Grant
• Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
• Chime Solutions