About US

The Minerva Foundation, Inc. (TMFI) establishes partnerships with community organizations within the metro Atlanta, Georgia area to facilitate new funding opportunities. Since 2003, TMFI has been a resource and a conduit to support youth and families through educational development, counseling and referrals. A web of support that includes individuals, families, professionals and volunteers provides strength and direction for positive community growth. As a 501(c)(3) organization, our mission is to support the advancement of education, provide relief to the poor and underprivileged, support the defense of human and civil rights, and address public health issues.

Our Vision

To be the premier resource to house, facilitate and foster community service programs in Cobb, Cherokee and North Fulton counties.


We envision a state of the art facility to house community services that: Supports educational programs (e.g. computer labs, tutoring, forums); Serves as a resource center for minority parents, teens and senior citizens; and Promotes cultural enrichment, positive self esteem and enhancement of academia in math, science, leadership and technology.


Received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status July 2004.


Able to serve as Fiscal Agent, providing a fund transfer service available to partnering organizations as a short term holding account which allows receipt of tax deductible contribution


Grants awarded: Time Warner Broadcasting ($1,000)
Grassroots Arts Council Grant ($2,000)


Governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors.

Our Board Members

Jennifer H. Allen

Jennifer D. Harkness-Allen is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. She currently resides click here to read more

Cicely Breckenridge

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Berranthia Brown

Berranthia Brown is the board treasurer

Tangela Jones

Tangela Jones is the board secretary

Dr. Linda C. Bostick

Dr. Linda C. Bostick has a demonstrated commitment to youth click here to read more

Constance Morris

Constance Morris is the Technical Director for New Riverside Ochre Company click here to read more

R. Syntel Brown

R. Syntel Brown is a native of Griffin, Georgia. He studied criminal justice click here to read more

Jessica Green

Jessica Green is a board member

Yanika Daniels

Yanika Daniels is a board member

Events Held in Partnership with The Minerva Foundation


Community Empowerment Summit

College Pitch Competition and Economic Workshops

Teen Forum

Each year, middle and high school students from the local community, along with their parents, are invited (free of charge) to a day of workshops, seminars, and activities, to help develop critical skills needed to address current issues and have a successful future. The goal of Teen Forum is to provide sessions that will fully engage students in a fun, interactive, and productive manner. This forum will give both the students and their parents the opportunity to connect with STEAM related educators, professionals, and exhibitors.

Debutante Cotillion

15+ young ladies were presented to society. The young ladies participated in service projects, Mother-Daughter Tea and a college trip to to visit campuses in New Orleans, LA. Over $25,00 was awarded in scholarships.